Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 1, 2011

Taste testing “Astronaut Ice-Cream”

I was down at the NYC Halloween parade this year, and one of the floats present in the parade was the “Mini-Coupe”

Yes, those are Astronauts

As part of the Mini-Coupe promotion, the float members were throwing packets into the crowd and i managed to catch one of them. After the parade ended, i took a look at the packet they threw to me and saw this:

Astronaut Ice Cream

Yes, they were giving away “Astronaut Ice Cream” which as per the pack is “Scientifically formulated for motoring.” As awesome as this was, it got  better on the back cover

Everything else is fine, what is Red Beet Juice concentrate doing in there?

In case it is not visible, this is what is written on the back:

A high-performance vehicle like the new MINI Coupe calls for a high-performance snack. That’s why we’ve created this exhilaration-optimized ice cream. This treat has been specially formulated to withstand the g-forces generated by a car of this magnitude.

Hyperbole much?

It also provides us with a science lesson:

How is Astronaut Ice-Cream Freeze dried? Freeze-drying, or lyophilization, removes water from the ice cream by lowering the air pressure to a point where the ice shifts from a solid to a gas. The ice cream is placed in a vacuum chamber and frozen until the water crystallizes. The air pressure is lowered, creating a vacuum, forcing air out of the chamber; next heat is applied, vaporizing the ice; finally a freezing coil traps the vaporized water. This process continues for hours, resulting in a freeze dried ice cream slice.

Well, if they say it, it must be true. I have to admit, i was intrigued to see just what Astronaut Ice Cream looks and tastes like.

Unfortunately, the friend who came with me to the parade decided not to risk eating from a packet handed to people at a parade, so it was up to me to do it (in the name of science).

Opening the packet, i found this:

Loosely packed paper - never a good sign

Further unwrapping, we get to the “Ice cream” itself


This looked like, and sounded like Thermocol. And it came in three flavors – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

Well, they do look like Moon Rocks

So finally, after all the wait, i decided (against my better judgment) to taste this poly wrapped, frozen, looks and sounds like thermocol “Ice Cream” and well, it wasn’t bad.

The chocolate flavor was good, the vanilla was decent, but the strawberry felt like eating chalk (i should know, having eaten my fair share as a kid). Overall, apart from the Chocolate, it did not feel like i was eating ice-cream.

Having tasted this, i have to say that if this is what Astronauts get as Ice Cream (not to mention the rest of their food which is similar) then i am really glad i did not become an Astronaut. Who wants to explore the moon, planets and the stars when you can grab any of the 31 flavors at Baskin-Robbins 🙂

Until Next Time.


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