Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 4, 2011

Movie Review: Ra.One 3D

The last scene of Ra.One was playing out on the screen and there was a family seated right behind me (a huge family, roughly 20 people with 5 kids as part of the group). The final scene came to an end with the music bellowing and our hero “G.One” striking a pose on the rooftop (this is not a spoiler, if the hero does not strike a pose at the end it wouldn’t be a superhero movie… which incidentally is why Spider-Man 3 sucks so much). As the music hit its crescendo and the screen faded to back, one word was uttered by the 5 kids almost in unison: “Awesome!”. And that right there is what the target audience is for the movie. You get the kids, you get the family.

The poster could have been a lot better

This movie has been reviewed, dissected, trashed, praised and everything in between by every single newspaper, blogger and that weird guy down the street. So in order to not tread familiar ground again, let me just say that i liked the movie and while it had its faults it kept me entertained for the time i was watching it.

The story of the movie is effectively “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” minus the time-travel. There is a boy who the villain (who can shape-shift) is trying to kill and there is the hero trying to save the boy. Everything else in the movie is setup in order to get to this scenario.

The acting is good. SRK is good as G.One but somehow does not come across well as Shekhar Subramaniam (the scientist). Kareena Kapoor is wasted. Arjun Rampal is brilliant as the titular villain.

The music is really good, Raftaarein and Chammak Challo are the 2 standouts.

Now, coming to the thing that really made me want to write this review since i have barely seen this mentioned in any review of this movie. The 3D and the special effects. I have seen almost every 3D movie released this summer movie season from “Thor” to “Puss in Boots” and everything in between and i am not exaggerating when i say that Ra.One had 3D effects better than 90% of those movies. Those of you who have seen the movie are probably thinking “But i only felt things come towards me in 2 scenes” and that is not the 3D that i am talking about. I am talking about the “Beyond the Window“, the feeling of creating depth and layers in each scene. That was mind-blowing in this. In fact, the 3D was so well done that i looked without my glasses a few times to make sure the movie was still in 3D. Prime Focus 3D and Red Chillies VFX, take a bow on the 3D effects. They were truly brilliant.

The special effects are world-class as well. Looking at them you know that no expense was spared on this. The only scene which looks slightly fake is the actual collapse of CST. The pre- and post-collapse scenes still look good, the actual collapse scene, not so much.

The action scenes are well done as well. The runaway train sequence is among the best choreographed action scenes i have seen.

The place the movie fails is in the forced comedy and 2 logical holes in the plot. The first being when the body of SRK’s co-worker is discovered days later and the second when Ra.One wants his HART back even though he is just as powerful without it.

Apart from these, the movie is actually worth your time and money. Now when they make the sequel (seeing how it earned 33.5 million dollars worldwide, the sequel is a possibility) they need to spend a bit of money on the plot as well.

Overall: 3/5


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