Posted by: kcgadiyar | November 5, 2011

Pictures from the set of “The Dark Knight Rises”

This post was initially going to be “Pictures from Occupy Wall Street” as i basically have 8 weeks worth of OWS pics since i walk by Zuccoti Park everyday enroute to work. That post will have to wait. Yesterday, on my way to work i noticed that Wall Street was closed down (even more than normal) with plenty of wires and equipment lining the sidewalk. Then i noticed the flyer saying that the movie “Magnus Rex” would be shot on Wall St. over the weekend.

Having followed the development of “The Dark Knight Rises”, i knew that “Magnus Rex” is the code name under which TDKR is being shot. So i made a mental note to go check out the production today. Unfortunately, when i reached Wall, it was closed for pedestrians as the shoot was almost a closed-set affair.

Wall Street blocked off for the shoot

But using an alternate route to get onto Wall, i managed to stay on the set for about 20 minutes and got the following pics before the assistant’s on set asked people to leave.

Winter in Gotham - fake snow everywhere

The revolting hordes take a break

The Tumbler

Three Tumblers in total - I had no idea these things were actually road ready.

I hope this guy was part of the actors

The GCPD guy wasn't as willing to pose for pics though

The Tumbler getting ready for the shoot

The GCPD vehicle

The set visit made me realize just how many people are involved in making a movie. I even got to see the catering cart although the guy didn’t want to be captured on camera. This look at how the movie is made has upped my anticipation level for the movie in July. Hoping Christopher Nolan can pull it off again.




  1. Superb behind-the-scenes or rather before-the-scenes view

  2. […] I always wanted to attend a Midnight show for a movie. The midnight shows are the domain of the fanatics, the fanboys (like myself) and people who just cannot wait to see the movie. My nearest 15 screen multiplex had 18 shows (3 shows starting at 3:30am) and i decided that “The Dark Knight Rises” would be the perfect movie to be the first one i see at midnight. I have been looking forward to this movie since i saw the shooting take place at Wall Street, full article here: […]

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