Posted by: kcgadiyar | December 25, 2011

Movie Review: Don 2

Short version: “The King is Back!” When SRK utters these words in Don2 with his typical swagger, you completely believe him. This is one hell of a movie. Worth it completely.

Long Version: When “Don” released 4-5 years ago, there weren’t many expectations from it. In fact, everyone was sure that SRK’s Don would not compare to Amitabh in the least. And through 99% of Don, i was certain of that as well, but Farhan Akhtar pulled a master-stroke with the ending twist in Don that now “Don” is practically synonymous with SRK for me at least (in fact until an ad for the old Don ran on a tv channel recently i had forgotten that an older version actually existed). That twist in a sense saved the movie from being just another remake and opened the doors for a newer and slicker take on the character.

This movie has an advantage the first one didn’t, that being the freedom of plot. Free from the burden of the original plot, Farhan Akhtar and SRK give us our very own version of the heist/adventure movies in the vein of the Oceans and Mission:Impossible genre.

Are there weaknesses? Sure, there is the half-cooked romantic track which slows down a really fast-paced climax and an ending twist which (while admittedly really well done) was telegraphed a mile away, but apart from that, not much else. Yes, there are outlandish elements like flesh masks and obtaining fingerprints and voice recognition from a target etc. but if we are ready to accept these plot points in Hollywood movies like the MI series and Fast Five to name the direct inspirations, we should accept them here as well especially since they are used in a logical manner.

The plot of Don 2 is pretty basic, Don (SRK, duh!) wants to rob the German Central Bank and assembles a team for the same purpose. He uses the Vice President of the bank (Ally Khan) as his mark for the same (In a bit of plot-hole filling, Lara Dutta even remarks that “The VP of the German Bank is Indian?” to which SRK coolly replies “What to do darling. We are everywhere.”). This leads to planning the heist, pulling off the heist, double, triple and quadruple crosses and a sting in the tail (which, even though it is telegraphed doesn’t diminish it one bit)

Performances: SRK is great here. The demeanour, the style with which he pulls off this character and the aura he brings to this role, it is tough to imagine anyone else having been slotted here. This movie just shows why SRK grossly miscast himself as “Shekhar Subramaniam” in Ra.One, he is just not the bumbling buffoon anymore.

Priyanka Chopra is good as well and convincing as the action-girl of the series. Boman Irani is good in a movie after quite some time of overacting. Kunal Kapoor and Ally Khan perform their roles well and Lara Dutta is wasted (was her role left on the cutting room floor or something?) The surprise guest appearance by a superstar (which i wont spoil here) was done well.

The background music is good. The pacing of the movie is slow in the first half, but picks up a lot in the second. As a result of this we don’t miss the songs in the movie at all (in fact, there is only one song in this 2 and a half hour movie).

Farhan Akhtar is back to direction after a long time and does an amazing job making this movie look as slick and polished as any hollywood movie while still keeping the script good.

Final Verdict: 4/5. Well worth a watch, go for it.

Bonus: In the final scene, the camera zooms in on the license plate of the bike being driven by Don and the license plate says “DON 3”, if that can provide half the entertainment this one provided, it can’t come soon enough.



  1. yeah! good movie. would have been the best movie of the year for me, but MI 4 had some sequences which just made me like that movie just a lil bit

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