Posted by: kcgadiyar | August 18, 2012

Podcast: India at London 2012 – A Review

Me and a couple of friends got together and impulsively decided to record a podcast over Skype. Excuse the noise in the background. If you like what you hear, do visit their blogs as well.






The podcast is arranged as below in case you need to skip to specific sections:
0:00 Quick thoughts on VVS Laxman’s retirement
1:30 Introduction and twitter handles
4:00 General thoughts on the London 2012 olympics
8:30 India at Olympics 2012 roundup
8:30 Judo, Swimming, Rowing, Weightlifting, Table Tennis
12:45 Analyzing the Hockey and Tennis disappointments (Yes, i know Paes and Bhupathi lost 16-14 and not 20-18 at Athens, a mistake on my part)
19:00 Archery and Atheltics
24:15 Badminton
30:30 Boxing
36:30 Shooting
39:15 Wrestling
42:00 The missing gold
45:00 Thoughts on Ajay Maken
47:30 Football, Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt and other random thoughts
51:00 Thoughts on India at Rio 2016 and signoff
54:00 Chariots of fire theme outro



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