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Klueless 8 – The sometimes frustrating journey to the hall of fame

After skipping last years Klueless, our intrepid team of explorers were back this year to try and scale the peak again. This time we had 4 members across 2 continents, 3 countries and 4 time zones to try and finish it by the end of the weekend. We barely made our self-imposed deadline with the puzzle finally being cracked in the early hours of Monday morning. We did start a bit late since not being in College anymore, you tend to forget important launch times 🙂

Overall, this edition was a marked improvement over Klueless 6. In fact, for sheer inventiveness this was one of the better Klueless editions. Yes, there were a few underwhelming levels, but by and large the answers were well hidden, needed a bit of lateral thinking and made logical sense when you got them. In the end, isn’t that what is needed in a good trivial pursuit game? Makers of Klueless 8, a job very well done, having been through the Klueless development process, i know what a hassle it is, and with every year the stakes rise higher and the number of people increase as well, in wake of all that this was a really well compiled collection of puzzles. The only issue i had with a few levels was the need of Excel and Word in a few of them which makes the levels no longer freestanding.

So, as per tradition, lets go through a run-through of the levels. As usual, no direct answers are contained, if you want direct answers look elsewhere, hints will be there though. Let’s begin:

Level 1: Hopefully no one got stuck here

Level 2: With this, the team made their intentions clear, there would be no cakewalk levels this time. All required information is given right on the page, find an alternate way to address the person being talked about.

Level 3: Just google general terms for everything you see on this page. Should lead you to a well known game

Level 4: Simple level, use the source code, page title and connect to the character in the picture.

Level 5: A well set level, and this is where i really started to appreciate the effort that went into this edition of the game as it was a puzzle where all the clues were given and the answer made complete sense once you got it. Google the source keeping the title in mind and connect it to the picture.

Level 6: Find the countries being talked about in the picture, and what is missing from the Num lock and Scroll lock combination and apply that to the countries found. Now see what is common to the 2 PLACEs found.

Level 7: A pretty easy level, use keywords from each of the pics. Use google image search to clearly find the model of the car. Search using all these keywords and the title of the page and you should arrive at a pretty famous person.

Level 8: The first person will be easy to find since his nickname is present in the picture. However, there is a second name to be found as well. This second name is also present in the picture on the page. Use generic term and type in the 2 names into search. This should give you the work being talked about.

Level 9: For a film buff like me this was the easiest level. The typography reminded me of a movie, all the lines on the page reminded me of other movies. Connected all the movies to one person and that was the answer.

Level 10: Google image search didnt help find the bottom guy, but i figured out what the diary represented and i correctly guessed what SoM stood for. The connect was obvious once these 2 were found.

Level 11: This was a good level. Initially we figured out that it was jumping around to different levels without rhyme or reason. We found the word meaning the same, and applied it backwards. The error page was very well done, luckily the “Map” was present in the source link. Don’t think we would have found it if we had only the picture to work with.

Level 12: Image search will give you what you need (approximately). Then relate that to binary and put in the actual value.

Level 13: Having recently seen the documentary on the life of the person being talked about it was easy to solve this level. The wiki page has everything needed.

Level 14: We figured out what “Bracketspeak” and MSN meant really quickly. After that when we arrived at the letters, the word made no sense whatsoever, we were stuck trying to find anagrams. Much later we realized we just had to type in the words. This was one level i hated, because the answer is not even a proper word. The idea behind the level is strong, but it could have been done much better if the answer was one which made sense. The only truly disappointing level of Klueless 8.

Level 15: Higher contrast and saturation are your friends, the fire will spill its secrets.

Level 16: For old school fans, this should be easy. Look for the earliest names of beloved characters and enter the right characters name.

Level 17: Another well done level. The source should lead you to a song, which in turn should lead you to a timekeeping device. Look at the time marked for the smiley and you will see that it hits home. Find out where exactly it hit home and that is the answer.

Level 18: This was a really good level. Use the sponsors to find the clubs, find out what is wrong in the picture and google to find the chemist responsible. This should lead you to the required answer.

Level 19: Simple one. Use the source to find the required year’s winner and enter the winning entry.

Level 20: I liked that there are 3 paths, we took the medium path. Can’t provide clues since it won’t benefit people on the other paths. Use the source to find the “Map” to the 3 paths, it is tough to find them in the picture itself.

Level 21: A pretty simple conversion to get from 16 to 10. The required keys are already in the picture, just apply them.

Level 22: Use google maps to find the place. You will land on a very famous place (famous for just one thing actually). Google the famous names + use the page title and you will find the required answer.

Level 23: There are seven of these in nature. Only 2 of them can claim to have won something big. The numbers correspond to the number of times won. Find out where next.

Level 24: This was a frustrating level, we found all the clues unfortunately we did not arrange the 2 words in the right order. So it kept leading us to a revolutionaries page where as we needed to go to the page of a loose cannon. Use image search and you will arrive at the required 2 words quite easily. Please put them in the right order though.

Level 25: Google is your best friend again. The source will let you know one person being looked for. Use the sculptor and generic terms to find the other. Now connect both of them to a 3rd person and find his kin (not next of kin, just kin)

Level 26: Use Alchemy and a measure which is hidden in the picture. Convert everything to that measure and as the page says multiply, then add. Make sure your math is proper though.

Level 27: Use the picture name as a clue to find similar people for other teams. Then use the picture itself to find the “Hero” being talked about.

Level 28: The source clue in this level is wrong (at least as per wiki), it should be 06 19 02 09. Look for something common with these years and the dynamite man. Offsprings are key.

Level 29: This is a level based on one of my favorite back and forths. Use the songs in the picture with the letters to arrive at a 6th song and apply the picture letters to that song to arrive at a person and his famous quote. Who supplied the repartee?

Level 30: I loved this level. There are enough false paths you can go down in this while always skirting close to the answer. We were initially stumped when we found the “tragedy” suffered by the current champions due to a “syndrome”. But that didn’t fit. While randomly googling, came across a completely different syndrome per se. Thought nothing of it until an hour or so later when nothing else fit. The color of the letters will let you know which team. The source will tell you the name of the show, the picture will give season and episode. The answer fits the game really well. Well done to whoever set this level, kudos.

Level 31: Birthday is the best clue here. After searching, i came across a cipher which turned out could not be used here, but was really useful later.

Level 32: Use image search to find out what is common, and also what is missing.

Level 33: The Word is really important here. Find the Word and you can find the path needed. The source will provide you the “Map” as well.

Level 34: After encountering facepalm first (hey, i had to try, even the facepalm was a good clue though). The required cipher was easily found since it was the same one rejected in an earlier level. Using that and the old timey clue, found the required person.

Level 35: The basic math clue was the big one. Use google image search to find out what is common to the filmographies of the 3 people in the pic and the 2 others mentioned in the title, source and picture. Use basic math to arrive at the 6th person.

Level 36: Look at the letters on the board, remind you of a word you have already seen in Klueless? Use that word to decide the letters you need to pick out and the sum of letters. Will give you a synonym for steal.

Level 37: You know the grid, it is in front of your eyes. Use the golden Word again. Find the numbers and use the tracking arrows to find the required words, maybe after having tea once or twice or 9 times.

Level 38: The date you will find and the insert coin clue should lead you to the answer.

Level 39: Animate the picture (great, its freaking hard to do using any tools). Google the keyword and arrive at the required cipher. From there it is pretty simple.

Level 40: Done with Klueless 8.

That was Klueless 8. How was it?

The Good:

– Well thought out levels on the whole.

– Good moderation of comments. Moderating just enough out to help others

– Well paced difficulties in levels

– No direct answers in most levels. This became a running joke in our group, when we arrived at something which looked like a direct answer, we just ignored it and looked laterally.

The Bad:

– Level 14. Singling out this level because of the potential it had. There were so many options which could have formed a proper word.

– Level 28. The source clue is wrong (at least it was for me)

This was a very good version of Klueless. Well done to everyone who set it. Looking forward to K9 next year.



  1. I am surprised that you liked 15, it was the one that was most arbit/absurd level. In fact, creator hadn’t send it for the competition either, it was just a pic he had clicked and jokingly passed on to friends.

    14 actually had first pic wrong. Answer was a proper word, just the pic was incorrect.

    For 39, I could find an online tool. 🙂

    • Look at my comment again, there is a clue hidden for how to animate 🙂

  2. last year’s klueless was exhausting., This years’ was smart and really smaary smart 🙂 loved it

  3. Level 28 – For 1906 I assume you checked the laureates list? 1902 makes sense if you check the President’s list ( the reigning years for each of them)

    Btw thank you for posting these hints … it helped a lot 🙂

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