Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 22, 2012

Podcast #2 – A cricket talk

After our first podcast reached 50 listens (about 45 more than we expected) Ajay, Nishanth and me are back with podcast#2 – a look at the current world of cricket. We have learnt from the first one and made this shorter, zippier and to the point. Do give it a listen and we welcome ideas for our next podcast

01:15 – Thoughts on the World T20
06:00 – Quick thoughts on Anil Kumble becoming the ICC Cricket Committee Chairman
07:50 – Champions League T20 Thoughts – Lack of champions, proposed future formats
10:50 – Proposed changes to CL T20
12:50 – The IPL, teams being terminated and feasibility
15:00 – A few thoughts on domestic cricket
16:45 – India’s upcoming calendar and the case of the missing SL series
18:30 – Closing comments

If you like what you hear, follow us @ajay_prasad @kcgadiyar and @NishantSKumar

Also, our first podcast can be found here:



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