Posted by: kcgadiyar | October 16, 2008

All Star Superman – The best origin story ever.

After a 2 year, 12 issue long wait, All Star Superman recently ended. It was, as per most critics, one of the, if not THE definitive take on the legend of the original Super-hero.

Personally, i loved the comic as a whole apart from the 2 part Bizarro story in issues 7&8. But, if there was any one point where i knew i was truly reading something special, it was the first 2 pages. The origin story told in 4 panels & 8 words followed by the Iconic pose of Superman flying out from the heart of the sun.

Together, these 2 pages laid a solid foundation for the rest of the series, which i will review when time permits. But, for now, enjoy what i feel is the best origin ever.

4 Panels, 8 words

4 Panels, 8 words

Well, there is one other origin story rivaling this one though.

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